This Weed Warrior Is Breaking Barriers In The Marijuana Movement

Wanda James, the first black owner of a cannabis dispensary in weed-friendly Colorado, lights up the reality and racism of pot politics.

This is How Big Weed Charmed Alberta’s Liquor Stores

Canopy Growth helped convince private liquor stores in Alberta to get on board with legal cannabis

Jeff Sessions Says it Would be ‘Healthy’ to Have ‘More Competition’ Among Medical Marijuana Growers for Research

Sessions, a noted marijuana opponent, agreed with Sen. Orrin Hatch that there should be expanded access to medical marijuana for research purposes.

Cannabis Symposium Focuses on Sustainability, Energy Efficiency

With nearly 240 licensed indoor grows in Denver, the city was a fitting host for the hundred-plus cannabis growers, energy consultants and waste experts attending the Cannabis Sustainability Symposium, a two-day conference geared towards increasing efficiency and sustainability in commercial pot.

In Debate, Democrats Pritzker, Kennedy, Biss Back Legalizing Marijuana in Illinois

Most of the Democratic candidates for governor agree Illinois should legalize marijuana

In California’s Weed Country, Wildfires Burn Both Cash and Crops

As federal laws force California’s cannabis industry to deal in all cash and without insurance, recent wildfires could mean millions in paper money is up in flames alongside crops that farmers need to continue operations.

Raids on Marijuana Grow Houses Often Find Chinese ‘Farmers’ Inside

Chinese immigrants have been arrested in multiple recent police raids on marijuana grow houses in California, Colorado and other states, raising questions about how they are recruited.

‘Full-fledged’ Pot Industry Won’t be Running by 2018, Massachusetts Commission Head Says

The growing state marijuana regulatory agency needs more money, and warns the public that Massachusetts won’t have a full-fledged industry up and running by the summer of 2018.

North American First: Researchers Publish Scientific Study on Cannabis Production

University of Guelph researchers have published what is believed to be the first scientific paper in North America on improving medicinal cannabis plant production, helping move the industry into the realm of high-tech laboratories and evidence-based practices.

Canada Exchange May Delist Pot Stocks That Flout U.S. Law

Canada’s largest stock exchange may delist marijuana stocks that run afoul of U.S. federal law which considers the drug illegal.

Ellementa Founders Educate Women About Cannabis But Face Funding Stigmas

Cannabis conversations for women by women around the country offer education and comraderie.

Michigan University Could be First Offering Marijuana-Based Curriculum

Cannabis Wheaton Partners with Unnamed Convenience Store to Sell Marijuana

The streaming company says the deal gives it the exclusive right to handle the sale and distribution of recreational cannabis at 350 convenience stores over the next 10 years.

Meet The CEO Building A Marijuana Business News Empire

The woman behind one of the first business news and information publications for legal weed shares her story and what propelled her to keep going even when times were tough for the industry.

A Company Just Inked the First Ever Deal to Supply US-Grown Hemp Fiber to an Apparel Company

Bastcore will supply US-grown, textile-grade hemp to Recreator, an LA-based sustainable apparel company.

Marijuana Money Oct. 13, 2017

Debra Borchardt with the Green Market Report.

Reverend Al Sharpton on Cannabis Talk 101 at the CWCBExpo in Boston

Host Christopher Wright AKA “Blue” & The Pot Brothers at Law, along with special guests share information, perspective, & knowledge all about the cannabis industry.


Medical Marijuana

A medical marijuana clinic opens in North Port.

Montana’s Medical Marijuana Industry Could Hit $18.7 Million in 2017

Medical marijuana will soon give a small boost to Montana’s coffers that could eventually rise to hundreds of thousands of tax dollars annually.

Can Marijuana Save Kentucky From a Crippling Pension Crisis?

Can Marijuana save Kentucky from a crippling pension crisis?